How to Seek For Tourist Traveler’s Permits
While most countries will provide travelers with traveler’s permits through their embassies, Bhutan issues visas in a different way. You will be given the traveler’s permits once you get to the Kingdom of Bhutan. Traveler’s permits will be provided for you either at Paro airport or at Phuentsholing if you travel to Bhutan by road. It is important that you make an advance application for the traveler’s permits before you get to Bhutan and this you do through a travel operator. If you are seeking for an application for tourist traveler’s permits, you need to do this through a Bhutanese tour operator after which approval will be given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thimpu.

The Process of the Tourist Traveler’s Permits
Once you go through the Bhutanese Tour operator in the quest to seek for your traveler’s permits, the operator will hand over the traveler’s permits application to the Department of Tourism who will ascertain that you have fully made payments for your trip. An approval letter will then be issued to the tour operator for your traveler’s permits. After the approval is issued, the operator will submit the final application for your traveler’s permits to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it might take two weeks before you are given the traveler’s permits.

Requirements for the Traveler’s Permits
For the traveler’s permits you need not fill in any application form for a visa. All the is required for the traveler’s permits are details such as your name, your permanent address, your occupation, your nationality and the date and place of your birth as well as your passport number, it’s place of issuance and its date of expiration. The traveler’s permits will be held up if any detail above is missing. After the traveler’s permits receive clearance, the Foreign affairs Ministry will send the confirmation number to Druk air. The airline can only provide you with tickets after they get the confirmation of your traveler’s permits. Once you check in for the flight, they will again recheck the traveler’s permits details. The actual visa for your traveler’s permits details will be stamped on your arrival at any of the entry points.
The traveler’s permits process is quite efficient and you will always be given a traveler’s permits for the actual time you have requested for. In the event that you need an extension for whatever reasons, this can be arranged for by your tour and travel operator.