As far as Nepal Expeditions are concerned, there are quite a number of adventure activities that you can engage in. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa of Nepal together with Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand overcame the Mt Everest in 1953 and this brought about mountaineering into the center of attention and created a desire for Nepal Expeditions. After this first extraordinary and successful excursion, the appetite for Nepal Expeditions has continued to increase and innumerable Nepal Expeditions to the Himalayas have been undertaken.
The Himalayan adventure sis still the best place for Nepal Expeditions. With over 1300 peaks and an altitude that is over 6000 meters as well as 14 of the highest peaks in the entire world, there is an overwhelming curiosity for Nepal Expeditions. Close to 350 peaks are open for Nepal Expeditions today and mountaineering is still one of the most popular and adventurous activity in Nepal. Many agencies are available to make arrangements for the Himalayan Nepal Expeditions to a number of mountains as well as other trekking activities. Most Nepal Expeditions include different tours, trekking expeditions and peak climbing and mountaineering, overland tours and biking and jungle safaris. Nonetheless, Himalayas still provides many people with the best of Nepal Expeditions.