All visitors except the Indian nationals must hold passport and valid visa to visit Nepal. Visitors from the remaining five SAARC countries (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan and China) will get gratis visa, and there is no visa fee for SAARC countries tourist. Two passport sized photos are required to process for all types of visa.
Tourist Visa
A visa is required to enter Nepal for all Nationals except for INDIAN Nationals. Visa can be obtained at the Nepalese diplomatic missions and consulates abroad. Visa is also issued at the entry points, including the international airport. Visa can be extended at the Department of Immigration, Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. There is no visa fees for children of under 10 years.

Visa Fees
Single Entry Fee: US$ 30 for 15 days
Multiple Entry Fee: US$ 30 for 30 days.
Multiple Entry Fee: US$ 100 for 90 days.

Tourist Visa Extension Facility
Tourist Visa extension fee for the period of 15 days or less is US$ 30. For the period longer than 15 days, Tourist Visa extension fee of US$ 2 per day will be applicable. Tourist Visa can be extended for a maximum period of 150 days in a calendar year (January to December) at the department on immigration.

Business Visa
Business Visa can be obtained from the department of immigration for the period of one year and five years upon the recommendation of the Ministry Of Industry And Commerce by paying US$ 100 and US$ 250, respectively. Payment is entertained in Nepalese rupees.