A Small beginning With a Vision
Simrik Real Nepal Treks and Expedition (P) Ltd begun in a small way and has continually expanded its vision and improved its services to the tour industry in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. With this growth more and more destinations have been added to the places where we are able to guide tourists to. There have certainly been changes in the sense that we have expanded. Our passion for ensuring that the ecological and historic significance and the environment and the culture of the people of these nations are maintained has not changed however and neither has our desire to serve anyone who shares this passion and loved to discover the world.
A Leading Tour and Travel Company
At Simrik Real Nepal Treks and Expedition (P) Ltd, we are committed to what we do and we love the mountaineering and trekking experience. Our expertise and awareness make us one of the most dependable tour operators in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Because of the expansive range of expeditions that we offer to adventure loving enthusiasts and because of our commitment remain accountable to our clients, we continue to take a leading role and place in the tour and travel industry in Asia and the world. This has given us a big clientele worldwide and many are always happy to tour with us again.
The Way Forward
We aim is to remain in this leadership role and to continue providing the best in form of treks, mountaineering and other expeditions, cultural tours, or any other activities in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan and other areas of interest. Our desire to follow the guidelines of responsible tourism that is ethical and environmental remains stronger as ever and we look forward to improving and excelling always.