Bhutan: A Primeval and Exclusive Destination
The landlocked Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is accessible by air through its only airport at Paro. Bhutan Travel can be accomplished via its national carrier Druk Air which is the only airline that flies in and out of the airport and also by road. For your Bhutan travel, several weekly flights are available from Bangkok, Kathmandu, Delhi, Calcutta and Dhaka. Bhutan Travel by air will give you an indication of the landscape’s magnificent scenery with breathtaking views of the Himalayan Mountain range on clear days. The border town of Phuentsoling is the only other entry point for Bhutan Travel.

Bhutan Travel Agencies Will Help You with Your Bhutan Travel Plans
For Bhutan Travel, you can only obtain your air tickets after you have been issued with a visa which must be first approved by the Home Ministry in Bhutan. Working with a tour operator for your Bhutan Travel will help you accelerate your Bhutan Travel plans. You should provide the travel agent with all the necessary details for the visa application. Any Bhutan Travel plans for tourists must be approved prior to arrival at Bhutan after which the Bhutan Travel visa is issued on arrival at Bhutan. To avoid any delays and complexities during your Bhutan Travel plans, ensure that all details are correct and all requirements are met with.

Your Bhutan Travel Will Be Comfortable and Enjoyable
Upon arrival for your Bhutan Travel, you will be required to pay a fee of $20 and present a current passport photo with your passport number imprinted behind it. You will be presented with your Bhutan Travel visa for the duration of your stay. If you require any extensions for your Bhutan Travel, the Bhutan Travel agency will help you to secure that. You will definitely enjoy Bhutan Travel because all major towns in Bhutan have very comfortable hotels. Your Bhutan travel can be made even better by your Bhutan Travel agent who can arrange prior accommodations for you. Foods in Bhutan are hot and spicy but that should not worry you because on your Bhutan Travel, you will also find Chinese, Indian and continental foods.
During your Bhutan Travel, you will find good vehicles and well trained drivers and you will be accompanied by an English speaking guide. As soon as your Bhutan Travel plans are confirmed, you can depend on your Bhutan Travel Guide to provide you with the required detailed information. Everything will be done to ensure that you are comfortable and enjoy your Bhutan Travel.