The Best Time for Tibet Travel

Early May to late October is the best time for Tibet Travel because the weather is most favorable and for people looking to tour Mt Everest Base Camp, this is the best time. Tibet Travel is also favorable when there is no rain and fog and you would like to have a good experience and see the Mt. Everest clearly. Tibet Travel is however much cheaper in the winter from around December to march because fewer visitors are available for Tibet Travel and there is a 50 to 60% reduction on the cost of accommodation. For those who love trekking, Tibet Travel is best between May and September when the weather is friendly and Monsoon is not around.

A land With Friendly People

Tibet Travel is great in July for those who would like to see the grassland north Tibet. You will love Tibet Travel at this time when the flowers are blossoming in the expanse and groups of friendly Tibetan Nomads are all over the land. You can also enjoy Tibet Travel by driving to Tibet through the Sichuan-Tibet highway although it is advisable during the Tibet Travel to avoid road during the rain due to mudslides and cave-ins as well as mire on some parts of the road.

What to Carry When Touring Tibet

You will enjoy Tibet Travel if you carry with you casual attire and wrap around clothing. For your Tibet Travel, during the daytime, a t-shirt will suffice and at night you might need warm clothing. If the Tibet Travel takes you beyond Lhasa and Shigatse and Tibet Travel takes you into the remote areas, you will require a down coat. Always carry sunglasses, sun screen lotion, and moisturizing cream for Tibet Travel. Tibet Travel will be enjoyable if you have a good Tibet Travel agency helping you with all you need because there is so much that you need to know for your Tibet Travel.
The conspicuous elegance and attraction of Tibet is quite fascinating and as is the Tibetan people’s ever happy faces. This is what makes Tibet Travel much more than just interesting. Tibet Travel is absolutely memorable and captivating.