White Water rafting in Nepal

With so many wonderful rivers all over the nation, Nepal River Rafting is one of the most exciting adventures. Nepal’s whitewaters rivers are the best for rafting adventures. After the mountaineering adventures, Nepal River Rafting is the second most popular adventure sports. Nepal River Rafting is an adventure on torrential rivers in rubber boats and many tourists like to go for Nepal River Rafting on the Himalayan Rivers. The Nepal River Rafting adventure is not too difficult and is not expensive. The Nepal River Rafting adventure provides you with the opportunity to look at Nepal’s flora and fauna and the village life from the seat of your rubber raft.

The best Time for Nepal River Rafting
Not many countries in the world can boast of having the adventure that Nepal River Rafting offers. With such an absorbing setting of surging rivers gliding through sweltering jungles and snow capped peaks on the horizon, Nepal River Rafting is definitely a wonderful activity. The blend of breathtaking rivers, surrounding mountains and a vibrant cultural heritage makes the country a choice destination for Nepal River Rafting. During the monsoon, rivers flood making Nepal River Rafting impossible. October to November is ideal Nepal River Rafting the activity. Late December to early February is time for the biting cold and if you are going to take pat in any kind of water adventure, you will need to put on wet suits and dry tops. February to April is good times for Nepal River Rafting activity.

Planning for Nepal River Rafting
It is important to make early arrangements for the Nepal River Rafting by booking your holidays and activity with agencies in Nepal. There is usually a fee that is subject on how many people will go for the Nepal River Rafting, the experience of the agency and the river where you will do the rafting. The trips can also include a night stay and 6 hours a day of Nepal River Rafting.